Health - for rich and poor alike - is the linchpin of the positive changes we want to see in our society. A recent report stated that about 11% of the economic growth in lower and middle income countries over the past generation resulted just from reductions in adult mortality.

This remarkable statistic underscores the fact that the raw material of a dynamic society is the mental capacity and labour productivity of its population. And that is tied directly to investments in health.

We at Rane Group have been working relentlessly to bring quality health care to communities who need it the most. The initiatives are simple yet effective and are aimed to reach masses. To broaden our scope we include sanitation & hygiene, clean drinking water and diet & nutrition also as part of healthcare.

We work along with various NGOs, SHGs and hospitals to organize health camps for general health, women's health, oral hygiene & eye screening for rural marginalized people. Our employees across the locations donate blood in various blood donation camps round the year.

Empowering Mobility

Bedside Assistance

Research to fight Cancer

Cord Blood for Cancer Treatment